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            Having Christina as part of my business team has been  a transformative process. She has worked with me as my company has grown and moved through the startup phase. She was also with me as I entered life as a mom and then working mother. This was a major life change and she guided me through the transition with compassion and sage advice.

The company has seen an increase in new business and retention of customers as a result of the work with Christina. She has also worked with me to create a work life balance that has helped me maximize my time in the office and with my family when I am not working.

I am always walking on cloud nine when I complete a session with her and I do everything in my power not to miss it. I highly recommend Christina to anyone who is considering a coach.

Melina M 

Founder and CEO 

M3 Films

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Hi, I'm Christina

For over twenty years I've been supporting emerging and seasoned leaders and organizations to thrive. My team and I bring decades of experience in business leadership,  executive coaching, team development, communication and career coaching. We focus on aligning vision, values, strengths and purpose - to achieve success on your own terms. Check out our services below or contact me for a free 30 minute consult.











It's time to:

  • Define and achieve success on your own terms

  • Create your career roadmap

  • Tap into your zone of genius and inner guidance system

  • Find your authentic leadership voice

  • Build your unique personal brand from the inside out - allowing you to show up with presence and influence 

  • Lead from your strengths and superpowers, overcoming limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

  • Develop high performing teams, businesses, and partnerships with ease

  • Build a career that supports the life you want to live

When the best leader's work is done the people say,
'We did it ourselves.'
Lao Tzu

       Christina is more than a coach; she's a guide, sounding board, and one of my most trusted advisors. She gets me, plain and simple. She's helped me land three promotions and a new job, honing my strengths and building up my growth areas along the way. Her honest but always constructive feedback pushes me to be my best self. 


But what I really love about Christina is that she doesn't just focus on my career growth. She's also been a "work therapist", helping me manage stress, prioritize, and stay grounded in tough times. An empathetic, compassionate rock who's gotten me through the most challenging moments in my career.


Kelly Kiewel

Head of Global Influencer Strategy, Riot Games

Forbes 30 Under 30 (2021)

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