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Women in Tech

       Christina is more than a coach; she's a guide, sounding board, and one of my most trusted advisors. She gets me, plain and simple. She's helped me land three promotions and a new job, honing my strengths and building up my growth areas along the way. Her honest but always constructive feedback pushes me to be my best self. 


But what I really love about Christina is that she doesn't just focus on my career growth. She's also been a "work therapist", helping me manage stress, prioritize, and stay grounded in tough times. An empathetic, compassionate rock who's gotten me through the most challenging moments in my career.

Kelly Kiewel

Head of Global Influencer Strategy, Riot Games

Recognized as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 (2021)

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” 

Melinda Gates - Philanthropist

Are you a woman building a career in the tech industry?

Are you a product manager navigating multiple stakeholders, changing leadership direction, organizational restructuring and managing up, down and across?

Are you a new people manager finding your leadership voice?

Do you feel alone and overwhelmed sometimes?

Do you wish you had a strategic thought partner or community of trusted peers you can lean on and learn from?

For 20 years, Christina has been coaching and supporting women to find their leadership voice and design careers that allow them to thrive in work and in life. 

Christina has a proven track record of coaching women to success in their careers and lives. She has a passion for supporting women to define & achieve success on their own terms, leveraging their unique strengths, gifts, passions and zone of genius to build successful, fulfilling careers and lives. 

She has built and led multiple leadership group coaching programs for Women in Product including peer coaching, leadership circles and mentoring programs for executive, senior and mid-career women in tech. 

Christina offers impactful, transformative 1:1 coaching and life-changing group coaching programs for women in product and technology. 

Find your voice!

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