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Women's Leadership

I have always been passionate about supporting women to thrive according to their own definition of success. 

I have worked with hundreds of women leaders at all levels and stages - from brand new managers to CEOs. My approach is simple but profound, fast and effective. 

I will help you to:

  • Define success metrics on your own terms in your career and life

  • Identify the goals that will get you there

  • Identify, claim and leverage your unique abilities or "superpowers"

  • Shine light on - and overcome - any limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Have difficult conversations

  • Prioritize your wellbeing and happiness rather than just your career

  • Be in consistent, supported action to actualize your goals and increase the self awareness that is the precursor to growth.


Christina is more than a coach; she's a guide, sounding board, and one of my most trusted advisors. She gets me, plain and simple. She's helped me land three promotions and a new job, honing my strengths and building up my growth areas along the way. Her honest but always constructive feedback pushes me to be my best self.



But what I really love about Christina is that she doesn't just focus on my career growth. She's also been a work therapist, helping me manage stress, prioritize, and stay grounded in tough times. An empathetic, compassionate rock who's gotten me through the most challenging moments in my career.

Kelly Kiewel

Head of Global Influencer Strategy

Riot Games

Named one of Forbes 30 Under 30


She has a solid understanding of - and love for - non-profits and small or creative businesses, bringing her unique combination of skills and experience to the table.

To that end she co-developed and implemented a pilot program to train at-risk youth in conflict resolution, communication and peer mediation. Facilitated trainings for youth at four after-school program sites in SF, as well as agency staff, parents and community members. Developed fundraising plans and budgets, wrote grant proposals and reports. Developed culturally appropriate conflict resolution curriculum. Recruited and trained volunteers. Built relationships with after-school agency staff and parents.

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