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      Having Christina as part of my business team has been  a transformative process. She has worked with me as my company has grown and moved through the startup phase. She was also with me as I entered life as a mom and then working mother. This was a major life change and she guided me through the transition with compassion and sage advice.

The company has seen an increase in new business and retention of customers as a result of the work with Christina. She has also worked with me to create a work life balance that has helped me maximize my time in the office and with my family when I am not working.

I am always walking on cloud nine when I complete a session with her and I do everything in my power not to miss it. I highly recommend Christina to anyone who is considering a coach.

Melina M. 

CEO and Mother

            When I began working with Christina, I was a brand new leader, with lots of ideas and enthusiasm, but no ability to take care of myself or to balance the things that were important to me. Since working with Christina, my self awareness and self confidence have grown and I feel much more comfortable in my skin as a leader – which has been challenging for me! Most importantly, Christina has helped me prioritize myself and my family, and to balance this with my work. I am better able to advocate for myself and to set limits so I have time and energy for what’s important.

Christina is an inspiring, caring and wise advisor. She is not afraid to walk with you into the personal and professional fires in life – and all the while, she will remind you of your true self.

I love my job, but I don’t want to miss my son growing up – and with Christina’s help I’ve been able to proactively plan for and prioritize spending quality time with him. I feel like this is the biggest gift anyone can ever receive. If you are balancing a leadership job with being a mom, I know you will benefit from Christina’s care, intuition and experience. She can help you be the woman that you want to be.

Nicole B.

Non Profit Executive Director

    Working with Christina has been an incredibly valuable experience. Her process, techniques, and exercises helped me to define my work and life priorities, highlight my professional strengths, and determine the "must-haves" in a professional situation. She has helped me be more open to possibilities, and her coaching process has given me the confidence to pursue a meaningful and challenging professional opportunity - while keeping my priorities of balance and family at the forefront!


Christina's coaching provides an excellent combination of creativity, motivation, and support - I highly recommend working with her to anyone who wants to take charge of their professional direction, and seek a positive change!

Adena F.

Urban Planner

Since working with Christina I have become an executive in a Fortune 100 corporation, increased my income by about 20%, and improved my personal relationships. Thanks to her powerful and insightful coaching I’m also now pursuing my dreams outside of work in a way I never have before, including embarking on my first novel!

Sarah M.

Director of Communications in Fortune 100 Technology company

            As a new Executive Director of a small nonprofit without management experience, I received invaluable individual executive coaching from Christina. As a result, I was able to prioritize my work, avoid burnout, and launch a whole new vision for the organization that focused on expanding.

When I needed her services again several years later when the organization had begun to grow, without missing a beat, we were able to meet and work through the issues that were arising at that time. She also worked with my staff, facilitating a staff retreat, that helped us to set the direction for the year. Now, less than a year later, the priorities we set at that retreat and in our sessions are becoming a reality. I highly recommend Christina. She is warm, focused, encouraging, and organized!

Laura S. 

Non Profit Executive Director

            Christina has an incredible talent for seeing through to the core of people and helping them empower themselves into their own “right-life living.” Her wise, straightforward techniques have been invaluable in helping me identify and prioritize my goals and values and shape my career and life in the direction I want.


Looking back, I can see how instrumental she was in my personal evolution and I am eternally grateful to her! She is professional, organized, and tailors each session so that clients can truly deepen on their paths of personal discovery, identify obstacles in the way of goals, and quiet “negative self-talk” while taking action towards their objectives. Her sessions are potent and productive. I enthusiastically recommend Christina for anyone searching for a coach who will help them enrich their personal and professional lives and walk their own true life path.

Nicolle M.

Communications Director

      I've only just started working with Christina, but I've already had profound insights and taken positive business steps through working with her. In fact, I've already started referring my dear friends to her. Christina is warm, supportive, and business savvy. She asks thoughtful questions, and succeeds at combining both top-down visioning work with bottom-up practical tactics to help business owners gain clarity about appropriate next steps.


In my initial work with her I had a breakthrough about my career that has completely reframed how I think about the work that I'm doing and the direction I need to take it. Christina understands what it means to juggle career, family, and personal health, and helps to frame out manageable and achievable steps.

Christina is also great with follow-up! Again, she's earnest, supportive, and clearly ready and able to be a partner and advocate for me and for my business as we both grow together. I'm really grateful for her help and I look forward to seeing more of my fellow business owners and executive friends thrive with her support.

Thank you Christina!!

Janet T.


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